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Welcome to Club Penguin Wiki

This Club Penguin Wiki is a wiki about Club Penguin that everyone can read and edit!

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  • I will borrow information from other club penguin wikis and in return the can borrow from mine but the only one that can borrow right now is .If you would like permission,just ask me and i will decide.(Wolf dog 99)
  • My Signuture is now (-Wolf) instead of (--Wolf Dog 99)                                                                                                                                                                                             

Club PenguinEdit

Welcome to the club penguin wiki, a wiki about the game club penguin.This Wiki is created by Flame Master (known on this wiki as Wolf Dog 99), so if you see me on club penguin tell me that you've visted my wiki and say hi.

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 The Wiki is currently in need of assistance.-Wolf
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